Gluten-Free  Lemon Bundt Cake  with Lemon Glaze

This from scratch, gluten-free bundt cake is lemony and  super moist.  The easy recipe  can be mixed by hand with a whisk or with  an electric mixer. Dairy-free options are included.

Drizzle on a 3 minute lemon glaze for extra lemony flavor   and make this bundt cake ideal for any celebration.  Link to the full recipe  below.

gf lemon bundt cake recipe


Ingredients milk • sour cream • lemons eggs* • oil • sugar lemon extract • vanilla  • salt flour • baking powder

*Eggs should be room temp. Place in a bowl of warm water to take the chill off.

Warm the milk and sour cream  (20 secs in the microwave).  Zest the lemons into the mixture.

In a large mixing bowl: eggs • oil • sugar • lemon extract vanilla • salt • milk mixture

Wavy Line
Wavy Line

Beat the liquid ingredients  with a whisk or electric  mixer until smooth.

Add half of the gluten-free  flour and mix until most of  it is incorporated.

Add the remaining flour and  the baking powder. Mix  just  until smooth.   *If using an electric mixer, 10-15 seconds should be enough.  Do not over-mix.