Gluten-Free Lemon  Drizzle Cake (Loaf)

Ingredients gf flour • baking powder • salt lemons • milk butter • sugar oil • lemon extract

Combine the gf flour, baking powder and salt in a  small mixing bowl.

If the eggs are cold, place in a  bowl of warm water to bring  to room temperature.


Cold milk can be heated in  the microwave for 20-30  seconds to bring to  room temp.

gf lemon drrizzle cake recipe

Zest both lemons into the  milk and set aside.

Mix  the soft butter and half  of the sugar for 2 minutes on medium high.

Add one of the eggs and  beat on medium high until  it is combined and the  mixture is smooth.

Add the remaining sugar and egg and the oil and lemon extract.

Beat on medium high until  the mixture is smooth  and creamy.