No-Tomato, Low Acid  BBQ Sauce

This low -acid recipe uses pumpkin puree as the base and adds sweet  and spice for a super  flavorful sauce.


Use on chicken, ribs, tofu, beef and pork - just as  you would use regular  BBQ sauce.

Ingredients pumpkin puree • water maple syrup • molasses apple cider vinegar • paprika coriander • cumin • ginger salt • smoked salt (optional)

Add all of the ingredients  except the green onion, to a  2 quart pot and set over  medium heat.

Stir thoroughly to combine.  Then stir in the green onion. When the sauce starts to  bubble, cover the pot and  turn the heat to low.

Cook for 5 minutes,  stirring every minute.  When 5 minutes is up,  turn off the heat and  remove the green onion.  Taste. Adjust the flavor with  salt or molasses.

Cool the sauce then transfer  to a jar and refrigerate.

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