Muffin Tin Fresh Apple Pies

These muffin tin apple pies are the perfect fun sized snack or dessert. The recipe uses fresh granny smith apples ,  cinnamon and ginger.

Use store bought frozen pie crusts to save time.

full recipe here


Filling Ingredients apples • lemon juice • sugar  cinnamon • ground ginger water • salt slurry (cornstarch mixed with water)

Pour the lemon juice into a 2 qt. pot.  Working with one  apple at a time peel, core and  dice. Then transfer to the pot  toss with the lemon juice.

Place the pot on the stovetop oven low-medium heat. Add the sugar, water, spices and salt. Stir thoroughly to combine.

Stir the cornstarch slurry, then pour into the pot. Immediately  stir and continue until the liquid thickens. Remove from the heat and transfer the filling to a  platter or pan to cool.